Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Passion Eau de Parfum

Introducing a big and bold floral addition to the Bombshell Fine Fragrance Collection: Bombshell Passion. Untamed and alive, the fragrance is a bold, elegant bouquet. Queen Peony blooms reign in a garden of electric florals. Saturated Fuchsia Rose adds a bold facet, creating a luminous and lush bouquet. Brilliant Cassis for a jolt of juicy sparkle. Sumptuous woods meet feather-light musk for a modern, warm foundation.

SPARKLING CASSIS: A fruity berry paired with sparking mint inflictions, its decadent, vibrant touch enhances the sweetness of the fragrance’s voluptuous floral bouquet.

QUEEN PEONY: This intensely opulent floral note contrasts against luscious sweet florals. Taller and larger than most Peony varietals, this refined beauty stands out for her sheer sophistication and flawless femininity.

FUCHSIA ROSE: Harvested from May to June, delicate roses are hand-picked in the early morning hours to ensure their scent is at its peak. With a sultry floralcy, the note creates an opulent heart.

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