Spazju Kreattiv

Spazju Kreattiv has launched its 2020|2021 programme under the new artistic vision of Il-Qalba taKreattività. Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Spazju Kreattiv is presenting a newprogramme supporting creatives with a strategy based on the three pillars of artistic excellence, community outreach and internationalisation, which comprises over 400 events, 320 artists, and 17creative forms.

It is also one that is open to engage and embrace different views and perspectives with projects on topical subjects such as migration, over-construction, gender fluidity, ethnic diversity, rule of law and more. Our Artists’ Residence srand will also be continuing with a programme consisting of 5 projects, 6 nationalities and 7 creative forms. Spazju Kreattiv’s cinema programme which boasts over 190 films, 350 screenings and 5 festivals as the only arthouse cinema in Malta will also be a main feature of our season programme. Our yearly staple ŻiguŻajg Season will also be returning with a whole variety of new shows for children between the ages of 0-10.

Other than the significant amount of initiatives that Spazju Kreattiv is unveiling, there’s the site-specific exhibition Proġett XX commemorating Fondazzjoni Kreattività’s 20th anniversary. This interactive installation by artist Pierre Portelli combines artistic reflections and implementations with archival research on the building and the organisation with the virtual experience of the first virtual tour in the local sector.

During his intervention the Honourable Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government José Herrera said that creativity is the reflection of the free expression of thought. 2020 is the year where Fondazzjoni Kreattività is celebrating its 20th anniversary since its foundation, and it is doing so in rather particular circumstances. Surely, 2020 is a year that has brought along huge challenges to those who are either directly or indirectly involved in the cultural and artistic sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic led to various negative impacts on these sectors. “Notwithstanding this, Spazju Kreattiv is still attempting to circumvent these challenges, and I, with a degree of satisfaction, note that for the season 2020-2021, Spazju Kreattiv is launching an extensive programme,” remarked the Minister Herrera.

The Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattività Rupert Cefai said that 2020 will always be remembered at Fondazzjoni Kreattività as we continue to celebrate our twenty years since inception. Even though the celebrations have been overshadowed by these extraordinary times and this unprecedented challenge had a considerable impact on our operations, we have ensured to take into consideration the shift in how the sector is now working to guarantee that we still present the Spazju Kreattiv 2020 | 2021 programme.” Furthermore, the Chairman reiterated that in the coming months Fondazzjoni Kreattività will be presenting proposals and strategic infrastructure projects to ensure that what has been achieved in the past is maintained and developed further for future generations.

As the first season led by Spazju Kreattiv’s new Artistic Director, Daniel Azzopardi, this programme
ushers in a new era for Spazju Kreattiv, one which is focused on positioning Spazju Kreattiv at the heart of creativity. “The Heart of Creativity’ is the ethos on which Spazju Kreattiv will establish its artistic vision for the upcoming years. In my new role I have been working tirelessly with my excellent and dynamic team to provide you with the best programme forged from different activities, despite all the difficulties and challenges posed by the pandemic. A series of initiatives which will encompass a new experience for our audiences built around our hub in Valletta, encounters and exchanges with communities, and a revamped interactive online platform,” stated Daniel Azzopardi.

Azzopardi explained that the season that is presenting today is part of a continuous process that seeks to promote artistic excellence, a direct activity with the communities and various other groups, and international collaborations. These are the strategic principles that we will concentrate our work on in order to reach the desired levels expected by the national entity of creativity.

Apart from launching this diverse and far-reaching programme, Spazju Kreattiv is also also proud to be launching a whole new digital experience on its website This new website is a significant step in the improvement of our digital experience, allowing Spazju Kreattiv to gain a further reach in spreading creativity and supporting artists especially during these times.

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