MMXX: Time to be Audacious – The Maserati New Era starts with an unprecedented event

The Maserati New Era opens with a spectacular event, unique of its kind, unlike anything previously seen in the automotive industry. This evening the lights of the world mobility stage went up on the Trident Brand and “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” marked the beginning of a new phase in the Brand’s history. It is a new dawn, reinforced by the World Première of the MC20 supercar.

“We’re proud to inaugurate our new Era, but even prouder of the mood you can feel in the air at the Modena Circuit this evening,” Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO, underlined. “For our Brand, this is a time to build: the time to be forward-looking and construct our future.”

We are laying the foundation stone of our tomorrow and we are doing it together, guided by our passion, unique in our design and innovative by nature,” Mr Grasso continued.

The event took place at the Modena Circuit, because Modena, Maserati’s Home for over 80 years, is also the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley and the epicentre of passion, love of automotive excellence and performance.

The show was both real and virtual (available in 5 languages: English – event language – Italian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese) and was accompanied, remotely, by two simultaneous mirror events in New York and Tokyo.

The show, which told its exciting story in thrilling terms, was designed to inspire, and to avoid conventional celebration and product launch formats.

It was a real immersion in the Brand’s soul, both celebrating it and revealing its completely renewed identity. A succession of anamorphic images, augmented reality and live performances, integrated on stage by costumes, music and leading-edge technology.

The pace was fast, furious and cinematic, creating a continuous flow of different moments that guided the audience, both present at the circuit and attending via live streaming, towards a new, contemporary vision of the Trident Brand, preparing the way for the culminating moment: the World Première of the new super sports car.

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