Mango Man launches new IMPROVED, its technologically-enhanced clothing collection.

Mango Man is reinforcing its commitment to innovation and launching the second IMPROVED collection, made up of smart materials with special qualities and created to defy any challenge an urban man can face.  

The capsule is a combination of technology, minimalist silhouettes and contemporary styles, featuring colours such as navy, charcoal grey and white. The product line comprises crease-resistant jackets, polo shirts and trousers that stay smooth to help look impeccable at all times, as well as thermoregulating sweatshirts with high-performance fibres, which deliver optimal breathability and maintain the body at an ideal temperature. All IMPROVED garments are windproof, machine-washable and water-repellent, in order to keep everything under control. 

Behind the lens of Daniel Riera, the campaign images have captured three models, Mathias Lauridsen, Alpha Dia and Matthew Bell, in the urban setting of Barcelona, Spain. 

The IMPROVED collection will be available on 7 September in selected physical stores in Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Russia, the USA and the UK, as well as online worldwide

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