Malta BNI leveraging BNI’s international dimension

First it was Cyprus, then Rome International, which was followed by South Africa and now it’s the turn of BNI Global Riders, an informal group of BNI members from all over the world, interested in coming to Malta and meet Malta-based chapters and members. To be held on Tuesday 29th September from 6:45am to 9am, this is the fourth international joint chapter meeting being held online in as many months by Malta BNI.

As an international business referral organisation, BNI today has over 9,750 chapters in more than 70 countries across the globe with the vast majority respecting a tradition of meeting first thing in the morning, as this is considered the best time for networking and business development across different cultures and in a wide spectrum of industries, trades, enterprises and professions, whether small, large or transnational.

The agenda for this preparatory business meeting between all Malta BNI chapters and BNI Global Riders will kick off with an introduction by Bruce Springs from BNI Center City, NC, USA and Viviana Premazzi from Malta BNI, followed by an educational slot on business referrals. Members and visitors alike attending this virtual meeting will have the opportunity to make a sales pitch introducing their respective services or products.

Businesses from Malta are being invited to join this virtual joint chapter meeting so that they too can experience some of the great potential that BNI’s international dimension can offer, especially in these challenging times. Members from BNI Global Riders hail from as close as Italy and as far away as the United States and Malaysia.  Malta BNI’s national director David Bullock will conclude the meeting but not before all participants will be directed to break-out rooms to establish contacts.

Members and visitors can register until Friday 25th September at:  when the event’s zoom link will be provided.

For more information about this event, please email Viviana Premazzi at or David Bullock at or Carmel Bonello #bnimalta #networking #business #malta

Established in 1986, BNI’s proven business networking platform provides its members with the ideal environment, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses.  Malta BNI has been established in 2012 and today it has five active chapters which are currently regularly meeting via zoom.  Visitors are welcome.Photocaption: Malta BNI provides businesses with the ideal environment, technology, training, and support to navigate through these challenging times

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