Walk for Giants

Walk for Giants – Presented by Space for Giants and Gemfields

We are pleased to reveal our charitable collaboration with Walk for Giants – a campaign presented by Space for Giants and Gemfields. Walk for Giants is a campaign to highlight the urgent threats Africa’s wildlife and wild places face.

As part of this capsule collection we are launching a one-of-a-kind Heritage 18k Rose Gold & Emerald Transformable Necklace with Elephant Surprise Locket as well as five limited-edition Fabergé Essence 18k Rose Gold Green Lacquer Elephant Surprise Pendants. Proceeds from each piece sold will be donated to Space for Giants.

Space for Giants is committed to securing the ecological and economic value that nature conservation offers. Especially in this time of crisis, when travel and tourism are impacted, wildlife and natural habitats are even more vulnerable to exploitation.

As a member of the Gemfields Group, it was a natural fit to join this capsule collection and use Gemfields’ finest Zambian emeralds in each of these designs.

The one-of-a-kind transformable necklace features an 18k rose gold egg pendant, hand-painted in deep green guilloché enamel, which opens to reveal a miniature elephant cast in 18k yellow gold with two diamonds for eyes. The locket hangs from an 18k rose gold chain comprised of 206 emerald beads, interspersed with round and princess-cut diamonds.

The chain can be worn as a long necklace or transformed into three bracelets, and the protective shell of the pendant is a metaphor for the protection that elephants, and other endangered African wildlife, are currently in such dire need of.

To go alongside this unique piece, we have also created a collection of five limited-edition pendants for the collaboration. A beautiful 18k rose gold egg pendant has been hand-lacquered with a vibrant green to represent the African landscape the elephants call home. In keeping with our penchant for surprise, the egg opens at the touch of a button which has been set with a Gemfields Zambian emerald, revealing a miniature 18k white gold elephant hidden inside.

“We are delighted to partner with Gemfields and Space for Giants on this charitable project to protect African elephants and their natural habitat,” says Fabergé’s Managing Director Antony Lindsay. “Fabergé’s one-of-a-kind design marries stunning Gemfields emeralds with a miniature elephant surprise inside an exquisite egg pendant – the pendant acts as a representation of the work Space for Giants tirelessly carries out to protect elephants and the landscapes they rely on to survive, building a sustainable future for these endangered beings.”

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