The Comino Factor – Interview with Sarah Keable

Owner of Comino Couture

Bold, stylish, ful and with a distinctive connection to the Maltese islands. That would be a correct way to define Sarah Keable’s impressive London based brand, Comino Couture. The brand is a breath of fresh air to the global fashion industry which strikes you immediately the moment you browse through her collections. Jaw dropping designs and vibrant s come together to create the perfect dress for any occasion. Every dress is a statement and offers that unique touch which makes every woman that wears it literally stand out of any busy crowd. The brand also has at its core a little bit of Malta. Indeed, Sarah fondly notes that the name crossed her mind after her love affair with the island of Comino in 2015. Sarah recently shared with Atelier what lies behind the Comino Couture brand, what makes her SS 2020 collection so sought after, the impact of COVID-19 and her plans for the future.

What lies behind the brand name?

The brand name came from inspiration whilst looking across the sparkling sea at the Island of Comino, and I am the designer.

How would you define the Comino Couture style?

Our style is to focus on printed skater styles using vintage beading and embellishments as our USP.

What type of woman would wear Comino Couture?
We aim to provide something different to the market to satisfy the needs of women who want to lead rather than follow, for a very wide age range, for numerous occasions.

The focus seems to be mainly on bright, fresh s, right?
Yes, I always want to replicate the ‘sparkling sea inspiration’ involving multiple s, shades and images.

What makes the SS 2020 collection so special?

Of course, this has been severely interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. We had numerous requests from our wonderful loyal customers who asked if we could relaunch some of the very original designed outfits, so we brought back five designs. We also changed the shape of some dresses whilst still using the print formats.

What about Little Miss Comino?

We’ve had to pause promoting and enhancing the design of this collection for little girls, due to the pandemic, but I intend to revisit this very late in 2020 or early 2021.

Tell us also a little bit about Celeste Starre.

We wanted to offer our customers a choice of pairing a dress with a unique piece of jewellery
at the point of purchase, and my great friend and designer Andrea Celeste had such a brand, so it was a natural fit and seamless choice to introduce a carefully selected range of jewellery pieces without taking away from the core business of our dresses.

How are you dealing COVID-19?

It has been very hard for the business and very hard personally and for our loved ones, such a dreadful pandemic affecting everyone, but we’re coping on reduced volumes and we have been following our UK Government instructions for safe working. We have had to postpone an upcoming visit to see our sole Maltese distributor and stockist ALLURE BOUTIQUE in Mosta, where our great friend Victoria has a beautiful boutique offering a fantastic range with her personal customer service.

What’s next for you and the brand?

Medium and long term planning has been somewhat ‘thrown out of the window’ due to
the crisis, and we just want to get through 2020, hoping for a rebound on the economy and to try and lighten up a few smiles with a new COMINO COUTURE LONDON outfit! The brand will continue to be exclusive and niche and as owner and designer of COMINO COUTURE LONDON, I will be continuing to head up the creative , pulling on inspiration once again from the lovely Island of Malta ! And…………… we hope to soon announce in 2020 a major unique collection with a leading fashion retailer.

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