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An introduction to GRAIN with Executive Chef Victor Borg

How would you define the Grain concept?

Grain is a new and innovative brand, comprising of three distinctive concepts that are all of equally high quality. At ground level, Grain Street is based on a sharing concept, which is a new introduction to the Valletta culinary scene. Beneath street level is Under Grain, which is based on the concept of refined dining. At Under Grain, we want to re-introduce the classic dining experience. Over Grain will be opening at roof level in the coming year.

How does tailoring fit into the Grain concept?

Just as a tailor creates made–to–measure clothing for each individual client, Grain’s chefs pay attention to every detail in order to create memorable dining experiences for every guest. At Grain Street, guests can take their pick from a choice of dishes to share, thereby choosing what dishes they want to taste and not being limited to just one. Similarly, wines are served by the glass to encourage guests to taste different flavours.

At Under Grain, the tailoring theme of the restaurant appears also in the décor, with inch–tapes, mannequins and bespoke designs surrounding the tables. Moreover, guests are invited to ‘draw’ on the menu to signify their choice, through a process of designing their own dining experience.

In what way are a tailor and a chef similar?

Both jobs require three things: skill, flair and an eye for detail. Just as a tailor measures, cuts and fits their work for their clothes, chefs do the same for their dishes. Both result in a bespoke product that is perfectly suited for their clients.

How do you deliver the best possible experience for guests dining at Grain?
Our menus are carefully curated every season, to include fresh and locally–sourced ingredients as much as possible. We use the finest quality ingredients and we also add in a few surprises along the way, to keep our guests satisfied.

Why does Grain detaches itself from any rules?

Grain does not follow the norm of dining. At Grain Street, there are no set starters or mains, but guests are instead asked to choose what dishes they want to share without a particular order. This lets them experience several plates on our menu, instead of being limited to just one starter and main course.

How does it stand out of the crowd?

It stands out from the crowd because we want to give our clients an experience and not simply a meal. For the time being, although we have two restaurants with two different concepts, Grain Street and Under Grain, they entail the same philosophy. The philosophy is that we want to excel in whatever we do.

What should we expect at Grain during the Festive Season?
During the festive season, guests can organise staff events or festive gatherings with friends and families. We will also be having a special New Year’s Eve dinner at Under Grain, where we will be starting 2020 with an exquisite menu in the most stylish of settings within Valletta.

Why is it worth a try during this time of the year?

For the Christmas period, we keep operating as we do all the year round with an à la carte filled with Christmas specials. We are not going to put the prices up or compensate on the quality. We simply want to provide the best during this festive season!

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