Fabergé Launches Harrods Bear

We are excited to reveal our latest locket surprise – a miniature figurine of the iconic Harrods Bear, exclusive to Harrods.

This 18k yellow gold egg locket, hand lacquered in Harrods’ iconic green, opens at the touch of a shining emerald button to reveal the charming 18k gold Bear surprise. Smartly dressed in the Harrods ‘Green Man’ uniform, which has been meticulously hand lacquered, with ‘H’ engraved on its foot and black diamond eyes, this pendant is sure to delight.

The Harrods Bear first made an appearance in Christmas 1986, and was a roaring success – so much so a special edition bear has been designed each year since. 21 years later in 2007, Harrods debuted its Annual Bear and, like the Christmas bear, it has become a collectors’ piece. It is this bear which inspired our latest surprise, creating a unique collectable piece.

We have our own history with Bears, albeit a little more mischievous. Legend has it that Peter Carl Fabergé, who was residing in St Petersburg at the time, was set to welcome a friend for a meeting. During their exchanges, his friend confessed to being nervous of embarking on a train into the city as he understood wild bears were frequently spotted freely roaming the streets of the city. Peter Carl swiftly assured him it was a bear free zone. However, in true Peter Carl fashion and unable to miss the opportunity to play a practical joke, he got to work on a sneaky plan and enlisted the help of a domesticated bear and its trainer. He welcomed his friend at the train station and started the walk towards the car; as soon as they started the journey to the Fabergé residence, a bear walked in front of the vehicle. His friend was beside himself with fear. Cracking a smile, Peter Carl replied “don’t worry, they have already caught that one!”

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