A Beauty Virtuso – Interview with Chris Attard, Makeup Artist

If you scroll through celebrity makeup artist Chris Attard’s Instagram and Facebook profile, the experience he has up his sleeve is remarkable. Creativity is in Chris Attard’s blood, translating ambitious artistic concepts to the face with the utmost ingenuity. He’s a force of the local industry, the conceptual brain behind beauty on the face of several local personalities. He is a beauty force to be reckoned with a brilliant mind articulated in one of the most expressive ways, through makeup. Chris discussed with Atelier his career as a makeup artist, his experiences working with personalities, and his hopes for the future.

How did your career in the life of beauty begins?

This was merely a coincidence when one day I accompanied an acquaintance to a musical. Whilst behind the scenes, the back stage team were behind schedule and I was asked to help out. This is more than two decades ago when from a young man exposed only to seeing my late mum applying make up, I became a self-taught make up artist. Since then I have never looked back and my career took me to local tv programmes, magazines, cabaret shows in Paris and private clients.

What are your rules for a perfect make up look?

In my opinion make up is an art and thus there are no rules. Rules will kill the creativity that each make up application brings out of the artist. Having said this there are make up techniques that I learnt through experience. These techniques helped me develop and create neater finishes.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is very individualistic. Each woman is a beautiful blank canvas. Upon my first encounter with a woman I am transported into my imagination and what look I could apply to enhance her beauty.

Does everyone look better with make up?

Make up is the finish to every woman’s outfit. It is an accessory which should fit to the lady’s personality and how the person is feeling at that given moment.

How would you describe your signature look?

My look is generally elegant and classic. Glamorous look including black winged eye liner and red lips coupled up with flawless skin is an all time favourite. I also love dramatic smokey eyes where I can be a bit more creative with my brushes.

What are your must have beauty products?

I cannot work without my tools – my make up brushes.

The basic products each woman should have in her bag include foundation, concealer, black eye pencil, mascara and a bronzer.

What’s next for you?

My next client is always the next exciting thing. I am transported into a magical world each time
a client trusts me to apply her make up. Nothing beats a smile of a happy client.

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