Ulta Beauty’s Response to Responsibility & Partnership

One of our core values at Ulta Beauty is to do what’s right – for our business, our guests, our associates, our partners and the world at large. We believe in the power of community, both on and offline. We stand against hate speech and know there is more work to be done to create and sustain inclusive, trusted online communities.

Staying true to our values, Ulta Beauty has joined the Stop Hate for Profit effort and has paused advertising on the Facebook network’s platforms throughout July. Given Facebook’s far-reaching impact and influence, we believe the company has responsibility to enact greater transparency, policy and regulation regarding hate speech. We are proud to stand alongside many industry-leading companies in this boycott to help create a collective voice to fuel change. We will continue to monitor the situation and work to evolve our standards and expectations as these channels are such important parts of people’s lives.

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