The Perfect Swimsuit

A word with Jacqueline Azzopardi and Kimmylee Galea, owners of Hidden Assets

Summer has taken its toll and its time for many to choose the perfect swimsuit. A classic one-piece or bikini never goes out of style, but summer 2020 is bringing forth a fresh batch of fun swim trends to try. From retro styles like underwire bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms to sexy high-cut suits and beyond, these are the trends making a splash this season. Jacqueline Azzopardi and Kimmylee Galea, owners of family run business, Hidden Assets shared with Atelier swimwear trends for this summer. 

“One trend we’re seeing a lot of this year is the incorporation of underwire in swim silhouettes,” says Jacqueline. “Designers are constantly looking for new ways to support the female form, and underwire adds that extra lift.” She also notes that there is a trend favouring lurex. “I am seeing lurex everywhere with vibrant s such as rich purples, bright turquoise blues, deep magentas, and basic blacks,” Kimmylee notes that shiny, shimmery nature of lurex suits makes them especially fun for sunny days.

Kimmylee notes that Summer 2020 swimwear is also about ruffles. “One of the trends we’re most excited about is ruffle details both to the shoulder straps and on seams.” Jacqueline also points out that a big trend for swimwear in 2020 is pieces that can multitask. “Summer 2020 is also about pieces to be utilized in a number of ways. We’re constantly thinking about how we can consume less and buy better, and a number of swimwear brands exhibit that philosophy in their design and production as well,” she says.

Every season comes with a playful batch of prints, and according to Jacqueline, 2020 is all about revisiting timeless motifs. “The big trends we’re seeing are updated versions of classic prints, including micro florals, polka dots, leopard, and tie-dye.” She adds; “Many brands have taken a fresh approach to prints by offering modern silhouettes with a fresh twist.” Kimmylee notes that for those looking for something with that ‘aha!’ factor, they can opt for  an ultra glamorous Swarovski swimsuit.

Summer 2020 is also about minimalism. Kimmylee notes; “Clean, simple, and classic silhouettes are also a major look for the season, highlighting one-pieces, one-shoulder necklines, and timeless bikinis. 

Are there more trends to look out for this summer? Indeed there are, yet to discover more, it would be worth to pay a visit to Hidden Assets. The drive up to Fgura will certainly not turn out to be a disappointment.

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