Resplendent Rubies

Our spotlight this month is on the ruby – July’s birthstone. Believed by early cultures to hold the ‘power of life’, rubies are thought to guarantee good health, wisdom and success in life.

These rare and majestic gemstones have always been celebrated within our collections, with prominent jewellery collections dating back to 1893. The first Imperial Easter Egg – the Hen Egg (1885) – also featured rubies as the eyes of the hen surprise. Inside the golden hen there were two ruby surprises, the first of which was a miniature diamond version of the Imperial Crown with a tiny suspended ruby pendant which has been missing since the Russian Revolution.

Today, we continue to champion ‘a life in colour’ through our contemporary jewellery creations, which boast an abundance of rubies.

Fabergé is proud to be part of the Gemfields Group – a world-leading supplier of responsibly sourced coloured gemstones. Gemfields oversees the mining and marketing of rubies and emeralds from some of the world’s finest gemstone deposits, upholding the values of transparency, legitimacy and integrity.

Today on the first day of Ruby Month, Gemfields have released their fourth and final instalment in their four-part film series devoted to coloured gemstones.

The film takes the viewer on a journey from explaining how rubies are formed at an elemental level, to telling the story of rubies, from their origins beneath the soil of Mozambique to their current popularity with clients today.

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