Ray-Ban 2020: Original Style Icons For A New Decade

Confident, expressive and natural, Ray-Ban 2020 is all about eyewear design that goes beyond how you look to make sure you are
always your truest self.
With a glance to the past and an eye on the future, considering the eyewear product an enabler of the self and never just an accessory,
Ray-Ban is dedicated to one thing and one thing only, empowering future makers and culture creators everywhere to express their
fearless and most authentic selves.

This year the world’s favorite brand brings some of its most legendary designs out of the archives and back into the limelight.But it’s
not only about the archives. Fast-forward from the world of icons and Ray-Ban comes up with new retro-futuristic wrap shapes and
light, color-shifting shades that are made to play.

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