One Thousand Museum Completed

One Thousand Museum in Miami obtained its Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Miami Building Department this week, officially completing the project.

The 62-storey residential tower’s concrete exoskeleton – a web of flowing lines integrating structural support with lateral bracing – continues Zaha Hadid Architects’ research into high-rise construction that defines a fluid architectural expression consisten with the engineering for the entire height of a structure.

Reading from top to bottom as one continuous frame, columns at its base fan out as the tower rises to meet at the corners, forming a rigid tube highly resistant to Miami’s demanding wind loads; its curved supports creating hurricane resistant diagonal bracketing.

”The design expresses a fluidity that is both structural and architectural,” explains Zaha Hadid Architects’ project director Chris Lepine. ”The structure gets thicker and thinner as required bringing a continuity between the architecture and engineering.”

One Thousand Museum incorporates glass fibre reinforced concrete from-work which remains in place as construction progresses up the tower. This permanent concrete from-work also provides the architectural finish that requires minimal maintenance. Behind the exoskeleton, the faceted, crystal-like facade contrasts with the solidity of the structure.

With its frame at the perimeter, the tower’s interior floor plates are almost column free; the exoskeleton’s curvature creating slightly different plans on each floor. On the lower floors, terraces cantilever from the corners, while on the upper floors, the terraces are incorporated behind the structure.

The top floors of the tower feature an aquatic center, lounge and event space. Landscape gardens, terraces and pools are located above the lobby and resident’s parking.

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