A Beauty on the Catwalk – Interview with Tiffany Pisani

Mix a handful of beauty together, with a pinch of smartness, an ounce of elegance and a good dose of charm and you will better understand what makes Tiffany Pisani one of the major local ambassadors in the fashion and entertainment industry. Do not be misled by her soft voice. She is bold, with a pretty strong character and very target oriented. What she has achieved since her success in 2010 at Britain’s Next Top Model is not only thanks to her looks but also due to her will to strive hard in the fashion industry and make a name for herself. Her curriculum is simply impressive and includes experiences on major catwalks, acting roles in leading international films and also a reputation as a very good DJ. Atelier recently caught up with Tiffany who shared with us her experience in the fashion industry, her definition of beauty, her passion for music and her involvement in the film industry. She also spoke about her ambitious project related to yachting.

What happened after being scouted at the age of thirteen?
I was scouted together with my sister by Carina Camilleri, director of Models M who invited us for a couple of photoshoots. Little did I know that those photoshoots would be the starting point for my career in modelling. Indeed, at the age of sixteen, I moved together with my mum to Milan where I started working for a leading model agency. This experience was followed by my success at Britain’s Next Top Model. The rest is history.

A major turning point in your modelling career was certainly your success in 2010 as Britain’s Next Top Model.
Many people focus on the aftermath of such an experience and give little attention to the laborious process it took over a span of a year. It was an intense yet very rewarding experience which offered many opportunities including touring with Jessie J. I also worked for Revlon and also modelled in various shows all over England. Modelling was my life for ten years during which I modelled in various shows in America, Australia, China and Paris.

How would you define beauty?

Although it might sound as the common cliché, I feel beauty is something which comes from within. I believe beauty is all about being a healthy person both mentally and physically. Beauty is also about being a positive person who is always ready to help others. It is also about attitude thus being humble and not arrogant towards others.

Where does your positive energy come from and what inspires you?
I love fashion so no matter how many challenges it offers, I still feel it is the world I want to be in. I consider myself lucky to work in it. With that premise in mind, I move on and with the unconditional support of my family and friends I continue to strive for further achievements. Having said that, working in such a cut-throat industry is not an easy stride and I must admit that you often feel like giving up. A thick skin is necessary as disappointment is part of the package the sector offers.

You recently noted; “travelling has definitely changed me a lot as a person; it has made me a lot more independent and stronger, and it has made me grow a thicker skin.” Why?
Modelling calls you to be always with your suitcase ready. You need to be always ready to travel the next day. This was my life for the past years. This is not an easy endeavour as it can be unsettling, distressing and inevitably hits hard on your personal life. It was not easy for me to live away from my family in China for a year. Yet I accepted it and always looked at its positive side. It helped me grow, it helped me be independent, I learnt new languages, new cultures and came across many people.

You also talk about bullying in the modelling profession. Can you elaborate?
Let us clarify. Bullying is not a matter that pertains solely to the modelling industry. Bullying is something you will come across in any industry. In the fashion sector, it might be more accentuated since it is always in the limelight and the stakes there are very high. Everyone wants to succeed, no matter what. Bullying in this sector can affect you both mentally and physically. You need to be strong and overcome the hurdles you come across. It is a very competitive industry where everyone is competing for the same job. But there is also modelling sanctuaries, eat heathy and sleep.

How do you combine modeling and your work as a DJ?
My mum was into music, I used to dance too. I was also in a girl band – Girls International – so the chemistry was there from the onset. Whilst travelling, I never hesitated to go to events during my free time. During an event in Ibiza, I was asked to fill in as a DJ which I did and it went well! That was how it started and today it is part of my life.

I am quite an active person who enjoys investing my time in charitable initiatives.

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the work?

Of course I do. It is a freelance job and it is hard to pattern the flow of work. There are months when work is quite whilst others when it is very busy. You really need to make good use of that time when work is on the low side.

You also had a role in the film Ex Machina among others. Is acting your next project? Over the past years, I had a few acting roles in leading international films. It is something I enjoy doing and whenever an opportunity will come up, I will gladly take.

What does Tiffany’s private life look like?

Over the past months, with COVID-19 restrictions. I was getting married this year yet postponed for the next. In general, I am quite an active person who enjoys investing my time in charitable initiatives.

A word of advise to upcoming models?

Not to get disheartened. You will get a lot of that. Focus on your targets and strive to reach your goals.

What’s next for you?

See into the future. My major project at the moment is the Malta yacht festival. It is my baby. The concept seeks to change all yachts into floating gardens. The initiative was planned for this year yet we had to postpone for 2021. I also have a couple of DJ commitments which again have been postponed for next year. Next year is looking like a hell of a year!

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