The Jewel box collection

What are the jewellery trends this fall/winter 2020?

The latest jewellery trends are all about statement pieces that take your breath away.

Nowadays, many people are looking for jewellery with meaning . . something really meaningful and more personal, some examples are birth stone jewellery were recently we are having requests for engagement rings with birth stones and diamonds.

What should one keep in mind when purchasing jewellery as a Christmas gift?

Jewellery is a timeless treasure and is always ideal as a Christmas gift as generally all people of all ages love jewellery gifts.

One has to keep in mind the style of the recipient and the meaning one may want to convey. Our staff are trained to help clients make the right choice when it comes to finding the perfect jewellery gift.

What makes Jewel Box stand out of the crowd?

We are passionate, current and innovative.

What should one look out for at Jewel Box during the Festive Season?

We are presenting a new collection of delicate pieces, with diamonds or coloured, precious and semi precious stones.

In this collection are subtle pieces with aqua marine, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, morganite, tanzanite and iolite among others.

What are the most popular gifts during this time of the year?

Rings and pendants are always popular jewellery pieces gifted this time of year and as I said, personalised jewellery

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