Of Muse, Brushes & Needles….

ATELIER gets an insight into the life of Multi-Award-Winning Artist JUSTIN BRINCAT

Authentic, smart, sophisticated and incredibly talented are a few of the words one can think of when describing Justin Brincat. A true genius who has remained strongly grounded and big hearted, notwithstanding his fame and success. Indeed, if he were to work on your face, you can be sure to be in the very best of hands.

Justin has worked on leading personalities, both local and foreign, and across different industries. With his unique skills and artistry, Justin manages to take any look to the next level, be it natural beauty and others therein. Beyond glamour, Justin seeks to create a look that speaks of timeless, detail and uniqueness by going deep beneath the individual’s skin. Additional to the aesthetic aspect which plays a primary role in his career, Justin brings forth an incredible work ethic and individual attention, making anyone or any piece of art be incomparable – what one would say is ‘jaw dropping’!

Prior to his introduction to make-up and further on his semi-permanent make up work, Justin has always shown a true acumen in the arts. Making sure to develop his rawest skills into the many different looks to bring out the very best of any individual, Justin chooses to also focus on the permanent aspect of make-up to create a long- lasting satisfactory effect by correcting what one might consider as less favourable aspects of his or her face to ultimately improve one’s confidence and overall wellbeing. Here, Justin emphasises on the incredible power of make up and how he very evidently notices people letting their inner spirited confidence emerge during the time he works on painting their faces and/or bodies.

“I believe each and every individual is a born artist with the opportunity to flourish in his or
her own very unique way”, Justin denotes with a glow in his eyes while taking another sip of his favourite coffee. He goes on to explain how he has always held tight to his artistic talent and gradually worked on developing his artistry onto make up, be it semi-permanent, body paint and its other diverse sectors.

The connection between Justin’s artistic skills and entrepreneurial drive is enriching in the way that it has brought him to always cross paths with the Art in its many different forms, ensuring it leaves the important imprint that it does on his life and on the lives of those around him.

From his very early days, Justin Brincat has always shown a great interest and attraction towards colours. This was indeed so evident that his school teachers couldn’t help but be very impressed by his sense of intrigue to the arts, one that was characterised by an incredible sense of cleanliness, definition and authenticity, which fundamentals have grown with him allowing him to come forward with his incomparable creations.

With his continued beaming smile, Brincat explains how he has never been too keen on formal training, but rather always sought to bend rules to get to the results he envisioned. Notwithstanding, his strong will to succeed has always pushed him towards clearly identifying his career goals and the required work that one has to put in, including long hours of training, consistent practice and perseverant diligence. Some of his educators and mentors are imprints in the industry of make-up, namely Stefano Anselmo, Kevin Aucoin, Paul Engelen, Vittorio Sodano, Scott Barns and Mario Dedivanovic, to name a few, alongside directors for distinctive brands such as Kryolan, Chanel and Shiseido.

Throughout his interview, a deep-rooted instinct for true understanding, learning and self-expression were so clearly depicted in Justin’s choice of words and explanations. The unique system by which he works is one that he has developed throughout the years and that he seeks to share with his many followers and upcoming aspiring artists.

The self-developed system of Justin Brincat is one based on five fundamentals – LIFE, STIMULUS, COLOUR, INNOVATION and DEFINITION. Grasping onto each of these five crucial aspects and refining your skills set upon their bases is what allows an artist to go beyond the norm, to think outside the box, to apply perfect symmetry yet in an imperfect human way and to flourish in a way that makes him or her noticeable.

Without an ounce of doubt, despite his multi- dimensional artistic capabilities, the strength of Brincat lies in his portraits. This, he explains, is what really allows him to bring together his love for art and his fascination by the human face. The famous ‘Joseph Calleja’ portrait is one that cannot go unmentioned. Justin Brincat goes through his work on the Calleja portrait, explaining how he uses defining brushstrokes and inspiring colours that the true artist Joseph Calleja really merits.

To mention just a few of his many highlights, Brincat takes us through his vast portfolio which shows some of his distinctive works, including 2010 Malta TV Awards ‘Best Special Visual Effects’ for TV Series ‘L-Evangelisti’, 2011-12 Malta Fashion Awards ‘Best Make-Up Artist’, 2013 Malta Fashion Awards ‘Human Canvas Make-up Show’, 2014 CHOGM Opening Ceremony and Conceptualisation of ‘Our Images’, Award- Winning music video for ‘Me Love You Long Time’ by Ira Losco, film make-up work for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Devils Double’, Valletta 18 Opening Ceremony ‘Bandli’, cover and feature in ‘The Make-Up Artist’ International Magazine, and the list continues.

As we continued to go through many of Brincat’s life journeys and core values, he closes by emphasising on how make-up is far more than a profession. It is the muse by which his ongoing life creations and inspirations are driven to create and define beauty in a manner that is anything but straightforward to allow even the imperfect be perfect in its own way.

“As much as I feel I have come a long way throughout my career and achieved positive outcomes, I definitely know this is just the beginning of my next phase.

I seek to learn, create and share as much as the past 25 years, and far more!”

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