A Dazzling Redhead

Interview with VALENTINA ROSSI

Young, bold, cool and with a face that strikes you with those deep blue eyes and beautiful features. A leading TV and radio personality as well as one of the few models on the local scene whose chameleon looks can be transformed from appearances in luxury editorials,

where poise and delicacy are required, to more relaxed or casual shots. Indeed, Valentina is the face you will come across on every local magazine, billboard or TV advert. Valentina took Atelier through her career path, her admiration towards Kate Moss and her perfect Christmas Day.

Who is Valentina Rossi?

An ambitious, creative and positive person who is always excited on what’s next!

In what way has you mum influenced your career path?

She’s a successful business woman who has managed to achieve so much over the years. Having someone like her to look up to and follow her footsteps was a big staple for me. I was never really into fashion at a young age but as soon as I hit my teenage years she supported my dream to get into the fashion and media industry and has always given me the best advise possible to always better myself.

What does beauty mean to you?

Honesty and a good heart, that is what beauty means to me. We live in a world where make up and filters cover the real you, but it’s when you talk to a person and see what their purpose is that you discover the real beauty of the person.

Are there any local or international models you look up to?

I’m obsessed with Kate Moss! Her natural way of modelling and effortless poses really helped me push myself more during my modelling career.

In a recent interview, you described your style as smart casual. Can you elaborate?

Smart casual meaning I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of person but I’m also not afraid to go ALL OUT at events!

What has been your proudest career moment?

There’s two that I’m really proud of! I’ve managed to win 4 awards in 4 years during the Malta Fashion Awards and I’ve also won Best Radio Personality award at the Lovin Awards 2018!

What are your thoughts about the local fashion industry?

It’s evolving and I love the fact that more people are taking risks and getting out of their shell when it comes to experimenting with outfits and looks!

I recently read you are fond of cooking.

LOVE COOKING! IT’S MY ME TIME AND IT HELPS ME RELAX! As soon as I move in my new place I’ll invite you to dinner haha!

How would you describe your perfect Christmas Day?

SLEEPING IN AND EATING FOOD! My partner is a DJ and this festive season means long nights and endless parties! So on Christmas Day we slow down and enjoy each other’s company.

Any projects in the pipeline?

Can’t really say much but 2020 is going to be a BIG YEAR! A lot of fun exciting work related stuff and new beginning in my personal life.

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